Power To The Brand


The team at Advertising Elements salutes those who give power to the brand.

A well established brand identity will ignite the fire of passionate interaction with consumers.

Bringing power to the brand gives a true direction for the advertising to follow, therefore any successful creative director will tell you that if an ad campaign doesn’t line up with the value, position, and message of the brand it is doomed to fail.

Switching up your advertising styles can lead to amazing results.

Try a new machine and more reps to break into new possibilities.

Brands, like muscles can fall into the wasteland without constant evolution in strategy. Don’t be scared to try new avenues for marketing your brand. A lot of smaller companies hesitate when it comes to social media and internet based advertising, however the numbers are there to prove social interaction and web based campaigns are the future. There’s no need to stop with the advertising options that may work for you, but a well balance strategy should include areas of advertising that may be new to your brand. Especially if those alternate options are popular with the different sections of your consumer base.

Focused advertising can give your brand super powered strength.

Even on a city-wide or regional level brands have great importance.

Imagine it’s lunch time and you’re craving a great hot dog. What makes you go to one establishment over another? Location, sometimes sure. But more than not you’ve developed in your mind a desire for one over the other. Here in Toledo we have two completely different style hot dogs that are the top favorites in the local scene.

Example A has been operating in Toledo since 1920. They have great products from shakes to fries, chili to hot dogs. However, outside of that nothing really stands out. Example B opened in 1932 and has a name known world wide. Sure they have great food too, including unbelievable hot dogs, chili, and german potato salad. However, they have spent the last 80+ years building a brand identity that stands out, and this was accomplished through clever marketing and smart advertising. Now, they’ve become a must stop destination for out-of-towners and locals alike.

This isn’t to say example B is better than example A. I happen to love both. What this shows it that example B has done a better job communicating their brand and positioning themselves in the market. Furthermore, they have developed a stronger interaction between the product (brand) and interested consumers. In most cases advertising shouldn’t be about who’s better than who. Advertising should be about promoting brands for what makes them unique. This approach will truly give power to the brand.

Cool down and reflect on what did, and didn’t work out.

Advertising will never provide a result driven guarantee.

Even the best ideas on paper can fall flat to expectations. It could be bad timing for your market. Misinformation about your consumer base. Even poor in-house customer service will kill the greatest of ads. Like a good workout, you and your ad agency should reflect on what worked the best and what didn’t live up to its potential. Learn from those mistakes or miscalculations, make adjustments, and keep advertising. Remember these tips and you’ll always be able to provide power to the brand.

~ Tony Rydman : Creative Director / Brand Manager